Cubase 8.0.10 Halts while saving project

The latest update (8.0.10) now halts when saving the project, showing a busy-cursor for some seconds - sometimes many seconds. It happens while auto-saving too.

This problem did not happen in earlier Cubase versions, and it is not related to my hardware. I have tried running the machine with and without overclocking and it changes nothing. It happens in Cubase only and not in any other programs. And it is not associated with the Lynx ASIO problem.

If playing while saving it plays fine, but when the music is stopped and an auto-save event is happening, it will halt all Cubase GUI inputs for some seconds. And if having/making many backups during auto-save, this can last for up to 5-10 seconds.

To me this kills the creative process as I do a lot of backups and do them often (every 5 minute).

Hope it can be fixed soon.

Happy Easter :wink:

If you are using VEP PRO (Vienna Ensemble PRO) make sure all of your instances have ‘decouple’ turned off. Coupleing makes cubase save each instrument in VEP PRO as well as everything in your session. That would cause cubase to halt during saving.

If you don’t use VEP PRO, what other instruments/plugins/track count do you have is the session?

I’d love to narrow down the problem for you as I sometime have the same issue.

Long time ago, but I never saw the reply. Sorry.

Well, I think it was my HDD that was becoming bad. I have upgraded to an SSD, and everything is fine now. And I didn’t use Vienna.

Thank you.

You’re welcome. Glad it’s working now.