Cubase 8.0.10. problem

All worked normal just since the last update (8.0.10) during start I’m getting an error message ( media service version not supported etc) - although after pressing ok it’s going well…Don’t know what is it

windows 8.1 ( 64 bit)

I get the same warning message after I installed the Cubase Pro 8.0.10 update on Windows 7 Pro SP1 64bit.
It appears to be a problem with the mediaservice.dll file dated 2014-10-28 that’s in the Components folder.

My mediaservice.dll has a creation/modification and copyright date of 23/01/2015.
It should read file version in properties.

Maybe the reason is because some of you moved the files from video service (components folder), but did not moved back BEFORE running an update (You will see that the mediaservice.dll is from 2014, not 2015).

The solution is:

uninstall Cubase (only the main program, there is no need to touch Halion Sonic SE, Loopmash, and so on). All your configuration, projects and presets will be safe.

extract Cubase8.msi (and or Cubase8_64bit.msi) from Cubase full 8.0 installer (use winrar)

Run the msi file (It will install Cubase 8.0 again)

Run Update for 8.0.10

Now you can move all video service files again if you wish.

Thank you so much. I installed it again now everything is ok.

I’m glad to help.

Thanks. That did the trick, although I never moved any files from the Components folder. Perhaps it was caused by upgrading from Cubase 7.5 rather than installing a fresh copy of Cubase 8. Who knows? Thanks again.