Cubase 8.0.10

NEW 8.0.10 crashes on start up. Anyone else having this issue?

I am afraid that a lot more info is needed.
32/64 Bit?
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I you are using 64 bit a 32 bit plugin could cause this.
Follow the progress of the project loading window and see where it stops - that might give you a clue.
My guess is that it is a plugin as this mirrors my experience.

Oops, sorry, it was an early morning. Operating on a Windows 7 64 bit, plug ins are both 32 and 64 bits. Soundcard is external - Focusrite 18i20, 8gb ram. No issues like this since Cubase 6.0. Ive been using Cubase for a while, so I’m familiar with all the basic troubleshooting steps. At this point I can’t even run the initial start up after installation to reload all plug ins. If no one else seems to be having this issue I guess It’s time for a total reistallation.

I did a clean re installation, loaded the plug ins, was able to load a session, than it crashed. Close the program, then tried to load it again, this time, it couldn’t even complete the scanning of the plugins. I will try to load a session again without plugins to find the culprit. It should not be this difficult. I had no issues with Cubase 8.0 or 8.05.

Another Update
After starting up Cubase 6.5, I noticed that it crashed at the same point as the Cubase 8.0.5. I determined that it’s my Slate plugins. All of them. After removing the Slate plugins, both Cubase versions started with no problem. So there seems to be an issue between Slate and Cubas 8.


Contacted Slate regarding this matter and these instructions solved my problem. Evidently all Slate files were not erased when uninstalled, thus causing my problem when trying to reinstall plugins. Not all issues are the same, but I hope this helps at least one person out there.

Thank you for contacting Slate customer support. Please try the following:

  1. Please uninstall VMR using “Programs and Features”
  2. Delete the following information found in C:/ProgramData (note: this folder is hidden by default.)

Virtual Mix Rack folders (FG-S, FG-N, FG-401, FG-116, Revival, Virtual Mix Rack, etc…)
Virtual Buss Compressors (all folders associated)
Virtual Tape Machines

  1. Restart your computer and use the following plugin builds: (these are just the lastest issues of the plugins)

Thanks for posting your update wardog0873, you have indeed helped at least one person out there :slight_smile: I was having the exact same problem with my Slate plug-ins. Followed the details you got from Slate and now my 8.0.10 is loading up as expected!!! Thank you!


I’m about to buy the Slate Bundle so thank you for the heads up. Slate Plugins are far too great to not own! So far, for me, C Pro 8.0.10 is amazing. However, each of us use Cubase in different ways so there could be an issue or new problem lurking in a Digital Corner somewhere. When C Pro 8 was first released, I was getting CPU Spikes and Cubase was crashing as you have described but I made sure everything was cleanly installed (including all latest drivers and Bios etc) and then made sure all of my plugins were installed properly. Cubase 8.0.10 is by far the best and most stable version of Cubase I have ever used. Can’t wait for the next update which will, hopefully, fix issues with VEPro 5 (amongst other things).

I too having experienced all Cubase versions have been impressed by the latest versions. I own all the plug ins and waves and Slate are my go to. There’s something that slate captures that other plugins do not. And it’s depth and dimension. What I find it lacks is the waves density and punch. However when used together, it’s the best. And to bigbluebarry, you’re welcome. I scoured the internet and could find nothing but complaints about the same issue, but no results. So when Slate helped solve my problem, I knew there were others out there that I had to get the word to.