Cubase 8.0.2: Render Setup window doesn't show.

The title says it all.

Hi rabarvek !

Have you in the meantime received a reply from Steinberg Support or from any other experts to solve this issue ?

I have the same problem too !

I have same problem plus instrument rack crashes Cubase. There’s a fix listed for the latter problem but when you try to download the replacement .srf file it just brings up pages of rubbish (Probably code) and crashes the page. I’ve reverted to 8.0.10 until they bring out next upgrade. Hopefully they will test this out themselves instead of letting their customers do it for them.

It seems that going back to 8.0.10 is the only solution which helps at the moment.

But it is not good to have no comment from Steinberg regarding this matter.

If you used IE, please try with Firefox.

Note that if you click that link and select ‘Save’, it will download the .srf file, but with ‘Open’ it will opened by an application associated to that extension, if any (on my system ‘srf’ defaults to Photoshop, for example).
This issue only occurred on a few Windows systems where the skin file was not replaced correctly, it does not affect all computers.

@Stiegele: we replied to this issue on different threads - besides this, please appreciate that this is a user-to-user forum, the official support is offered via MySteinberg support form, e-mail and telephone (the latter in EU only). As for the Render Setup not showing up, I have only seen this twice, but with no description and system specs it is unlikely anyone would know what’s wrong.

Kind regards,

Thanks for the prompt response Fabio, although I do find it incredible that it can’t be downloaded in IE. I have it now as a mate downloaded it for me. I think though for now, I will continue with 8.0.10 as there doesn’t seem to be a solution to the render in place problems. Hopefully 8.0.30 is imminent.

Hello, I don’t find it incredible, anyone who did some web development can confirm IE always had its peculiarities… but IE must see something in the .srf extension that makes render the file rather than download it. However a zipped file would indeed be better.

There is no general problem I know of with RIP in 8.0.20, but nobody can say where the problem is without knowing the system specs, platform, Cubase version and all the details.

I find it incredible that you offer a download fix without testing it on all platforms and find your reply, both patronising and insulting. How many people on this forum do you think are involved in web development? As for not knowing of a problem with RIP, Check the title of this thread your replying to. It may also give you a clue to the version of Cubase we’re using.
Instead of finding excuses, blaming 3rd parties, OS and hardware, It’s time Steinberg took their head out of the sand, apologised, admitted they’ve cocked up and sorted the problems. If it worked on 8.0.10, it should work on 8.0.20.

Maybe my reply was unclear, let me explain.

With ‘There is no general problem I know of with RIP in 8.0.20’ I meant that there is no wide-spead issue regarding this, I did indeed read though the posts. Being not wide-spread and not experienced by many users, we need to know what is going wrong for the two of you experiencing the issue. I was blaming no 3rd parties, by the way, although for some strange reason IE renders the file, I wrote ‘however a zipped file would indeed be better’ and this was up to us, not MS.

Hope it’s clearer now.

For me it’s simply clear.

Before the update from 8.0.10 to 8.0.20 I was able to work properly with the preferences in “Render in place”. The menu did open to modify the Parameters.

After the update I cannot open it !

I did not change anything in my Setup - same OS, same virtual instruments, everything’s the same as before.

So when you take a look into the english and also the german Forum this Problem is reported by several users.

And you can rely on them that everybody knows what he’s doing and that 8.0.20 does not open the preferences.

I am a Cubase user since the very first version - so we are no beginners !

Nobody said you are beginners, I must be writing subliminal stuff between the lines. Problem is, this thread looks more and more ranting and we still don’t know on which platform you both work.

I’ll close this one, feel free to post in the Issues Report forum, if you have repro steps, or to contact Support directly.

[EDIT: This issue has been confirmed by Development to be related to the incorrect skin file replacement upon updating to 8.0.20 the fix is the same:]