Cubase 8.0.20 keeps crashing!

It’s not just one thing that causes it to crash… it just crashes randomly sometimes… Recently upgraded from cubase 5, and im not happy at all :frowning:

Could it possibly be because i’m still using Jbridge?



EDIT: Checked with some VSTi jBridged instances, all good. Please, make sure that jBridge and Cubase are running with admin privilege. You might want to tweak some options for jB. The version I have installed is 1.65c.

jBridge could be the cause. We received several crash dumps that point to that today. I’m forwarding the data in-house for further investigation and see if this can be caused by a change on our side or not.

Kind regards,

Hi Fabio, thanks for the reply!

I THINK the crashing has decreased since I installed the new jbridge… but 2 problems remain.

  1. Always crashes when I open the VST Instruments window, it doesn’t even open.

  2. I’m running Cubase as admin, but because I’m doing that, I can no longer drag and drop audio or video. This problem doesn’t occur if I don’t run Cubase as admin. And it’s a huge hassle cuz I import a lot of audio and video.