CUBASE 8.0.20 Q-Link Function?

Hello all,

i hope someone can help with this one. I create 12 mono audio tracks>then i insert a Waves REQ mono plugin on each track with Q-Link selected>then i press load on one plugin, select a preset>then the preset i select would load on all 12 plugins! i cannot get this function to happen in Cubase 8.0.20 anymore. But, however, with the Q-Link function selected, i can make an adjustment in one plugin, and the adjustment affects all 12 plugins the same. This really saves time loading a preset in many plugins at once. Rather than using Ctrl C then Ctrl V; as this function copies all the channels settings (i do not want all channel settings the same, for pan reasons). Is there a setting in Preferences that is perhaps un-checked or checked? i did check Preferences under VST>Plugins and things seem normal, all commands are checked. Or, is this perhaps a Waves issue rather than Cubase? i hope i explained my situation clearly. Thanks for all help. Great song writing to all.

Anyone? Moderator perhaps? Bump. Thanks again for any and all help.

OK…i guess this problem is elementary :frowning: Please…anyone experience this in their work-flow? Any Moderators cross this one before? My last time bumping this one. Third times a charm? Perhaps? Thanks to all.

I have experienced the same thing and the only work around I can come up with is to load the plugin and preset on one channel and then shift+alt drag the plugin to the channels that I want the same. I thought I should be able to do the same thing that you describe but just used this workaround instead. I didn’t have to copy that to 100 tracks though so I guess it wasn’t that bad.

Thanks for that drgamble. i have also used this work around. Mostly with native Cubase EQ settings. But, when i use it with the native Cubase EQ settings, opening the Project at a later date, i have to re-do the EQ settings. When i load an EQ setting one by one, they seem to stay when the Project is opened at a later date! Weird huh? Seems to work OK the way you’ve said though. Thanks again. It helps to know someone else has experienced this.