Cubase 8.0.20

Plugins in my insert channel do not work when monitor button is activated. So I can’t use them in real time when tracking. However on playback the plugins come alive.

This happened after updating to 8.0.20

I tried uninstalling Cubase 8 and reinstalled, then installed update again and the problem is still there.

Any ideas? Gonna leave it like this for a few days and try to resolve before I revert back to 8.010

I’m on PC, Win 7 64x, Intel i5.

Any ideas?

Do you have direct monitoring activated?

Do you have Constrain Delay Compensation enabled?

Nope, its not enabled.

If I’m going to track say DI Guitars for example, yes. I have the monitor button on that channel activated so I could listen through the Amp Simulator or use the Tuner plugin. But none of the plugins respond. I do however hear what I’m playing in real time.

If I hit record anyways, I’ll hear my clean DI signal from the guitar as I’m playing. Then when I hit stop and play it back, I’ll hear back what i just recorded only with the Amp Sim activated.

Direct Monitoring is set in Devices->Device Setup->Your Audio Driver. It overrides that monitor icon so that it plays direct so you don’t hear plugin latency. It is most likely your problem.

Oh my God you’re right. I had latency issues with a client just before I upgraded. No matter what sample rate I used the vocalist could hear a slight delay in his headphones and ended up hitting direct monitor.

Thanks so much!