Cubase 8.0.30 muting automated tracks - manual intervention

See attached video

Project created in 8.0.20, using the new .30 update and a remote (the remote is not attached or enabled though)

Tracks will play back muted until I touch a fader. The volume automation is not muted or at -140dB. The volume is automated at -3db, manually changing it to -3.1, -5, anything else, will unmute it, and sound is heard.

I’m trying to meet deadlines, suddenly my tracks play back muted.

Please help!

whoa, I’m having exactly same thing with 1 project! Everything was fine until I opened up the project today - all tracks which have volume automation are “muted”, until I touch the fader like in the video.

Did you have any luck or workaround with it? Really annoying issue

I’m trouble-shooting the same problem, could you check whether Mute automation may have been turned on? If the system has done it, it’s indeed a bug.


nope there’s no mute automation on these tracks, only volume automation. Really weird - with this specific project it’s now impossible to do volume automation on tracks, they instantly go “mute”. But if I turn off the automation and touch the fader, they come back unmuted

This so strange. Do you use a hardware controller for writing automation? If so, can it have been disconnected at some point?


nope :confused: no hardware controller here

Hm. I must admit that I’m guessing at this stage. The project I’m looking at has “automation follows events” selected, does yours? Does turning it off solve the problem? (I’m trying to find something in common between affected projects :slight_smile: )


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Oddly, I got things to work for a while by loading new RME drivers for my Fireface interface and switching between USB and firewire. But then it would stop working, and I’d switch things around, and it would work again. My guess is that 8.0.30 is talking differently in a way that interacts with specific interface drivers (and not just RME, from what folks have posted), although why it should only be on fader-automated tracks even though they all go to the same bus is beyond me.

Same issue here !! how can we deal with this ? Volume Automation is very useful , i just stopped my project cos of this bug and don’t know how to fix it !!! :confused: :frowning:
Has anyone solved this error ?
It occurs random for me by the way…