Cubase 8.0.30 - random lockups still

Why is it that sometimes when I load C8, it runs really sweetly and then…

Why is it that sometimes when I load C8, nearly every time I do something like loading a plugin, monitor enabling a track and other functions, C8 locks up for about 30 seconds. Even closing C8 sometimes takes 30 seconds when it’s doing one of its go-slow days.

There is no rhyme or reason behind the lock-ups that I can see but obviously something behind the scenes is wrong.

W7 x64
i930 CPU
x58 mobo
Lynx Two-A
nvidia 640GT
ESI 8x8 midi

Sadly, C8 continues to be a poor experience. Laggy graphics was a new feature introduced in C8.0.30 as well, nice strobing effects there. The only thing I’ve really benefited from is the Plugin Manager. I can play around with that making lots of different groupings and remind myself, this is what I’ve got for my upgrade fee.

Now, I know some of you might post saying how well it works for you. Thanks in advance for that. It works well for me too when it works properly but it goes on random slow-downs far too often and these slow downs do not happen in C7.5 or Studio One or Bitwig - it’s a unique C8 feature.

So, there we go. Thought I’d just mention it. Another grain of sand in the wind. Back to C7.5…