CuBase 8.0.35 and Matrox ASIO Drivers

Greetings all and if it is not too late, Happy New Year :smiley:

I have recently purchased and installed CuBase Elements and applied the latest update…

I am trying to use the ASIO driver that runs with the Matrox LE 02 MAX I have connected to my Windows PC via eSATA. All devices / applications with the exception of CuBase have no problems with the Matrox ASIO but I am unable to select the Matrox ASIO driver in Devices/Device Setup/VST Audio System.

As regard the system that hosts CuBase:

Windows 7 ultimate
Intel i7 Hexacore CPU
32GB Ram
512GB Crucial SSD
nVidia GTX770


Any suggestions? My key aim is to get rid of clicks and pops and the tendency of the real-time peak monitor from maxing out even when the system is idle.


Can you see the ASIO Driver on the list? What happens, when you select it? Any message?