Cubase 8.0.35 - Visual Errors at Window Borders

Hey all,

An issue with C8 was that when users ran Windows with small window borders, there would be an error on the edges of Cubase windows as there was a design oversight by Steinberg.

Cubase 8.0.35 still has no fix for this.

Does Steinberg have any idea what is going on with this error? Are there more maintenance updates scheduled? Does 8.5 fix the issue, and if so, when will that fix be rolled out to C8 users?


I agree with you. It looks really ugly. I downloaded the 8.5 trial and no fix in that version either.

It is amazing that there is no fix, even in 8.5.

What does Steinberg have to say about it?

yes, same thing. 8.5 no fix. annoying!

This problem has been around since version 8 came out and there have been reports of it; I wonder why Steinberg never bothered to fix this bug?