Cubase 8.0.5 is out...

And I have to ask… what is the point of me reporting a bug, and Steinberg confirming it, when it’s not fixed?

Well, there definitely is a priority list for bugfixing on Steinberg’s side and if your bug wasn’t at the top, you’d have to wait for one of the next updates.

Simple as that. o.O

None of the stuff that I reported got fixed either…stuff that worked fine in 7.5 and that got broken, stuff that was broken in 7.5.30 and carried over to 8.0. I’m assuming this round of bug fixes were easy quick hits, low hanging fruit. MCU Protocol screwup should be a priority as well as the 7.5.30 MTC/sound glitch issue I reported this past summer.

The inaudible click is still a confirmed issue - very disappointing. I’m starting record on an exact bar/beat. 50% of the time I have a click, 50% of the time I don’t. Absolutely unacceptable when I’m trying to write/compose and having to battle with my own metronome. Hopefully this is a priority fix for 8.1.

ouch, reading the pdf it seems like none of the actual work-hindering bugs have been addressed at all (like broken double-clicking / track renaming; broken steinberg plugins’ GUIs)? can someone who’s installed it confirm?

Does anyone else get an install app crash, right after clicking the update.exe?
(I’m on windows 7, 64 bit, just installed cubase 8 yesterday on a new harddrive)

Great news, the issue I had with opened vst’s/ vi’s & AOT is now fixed.

Yeah, I’m very glad the Always On top thing has been fixed. Rather they got this out the door now than wait longer for other things to also be fixed. The metronome bug is very tedious, and along with the the rest of the pro composer community desperately wanting a fix for VE Pro integration.

7.5.4 is what i am looking for.
C8 pro is just too painful on windows. its 1st time ever i regret upgrading. hate to jump on the moaners band wagon… but…very disappointed i am. as others never again! seems like long time cubase users always get lumbered with a half baked release. then silence from steinberg… not a word of acknowledgement

best option in future is for everyone to wait till the END of the current product cycle then upgrade to avail the grace period. a better chance of getting a product that works (maybe).

only way to deal with this almost criminal business practice of releasing at best beta software.
or switch

with version 8 I have no problem , for the moment I do not update .

I have no big problems either on 8.0.0. Theres something with the cursor when trying to move it sometimes goes away to the right instead of where you point it. Thats all for me.

Im wondering though about the update, When i try to update and hit install it gives me an error message

“an unhanded exemption has occurred” i get the option to ignore but don’t know if i should???

This update was built on the 17 december so i guess most reported bugs had not even been looked at yet!


Here’s the executive summary: We all need to lower our expectations and be more realistic about what is possible.
For why I think that, read on…

First, thank you Cubase Team for releasing “early and often” (so to speak), rather than waiting for more fixes to be completed.

Hope you keep this trend going, despite the (understandable) backlash.

To me, this update is a real measuring stick. Here’s why I think that:

Software development is really hard and requires essentially unfair personal sacrifice. And not just a “push,” but sustained and ongoing pain that never ends. It’s a way of life.

I’ve been in this business a long time and this remains true.

No amount of company Kool-aid drinking will make it happen faster. Stuff gets done when it’s done.

Deep inside each developer is something they’ll never admit to their boss, when their boss talks about getting stuff done faster because of arbitrary release dates and the financial pressures that drive them (the thing, at the end of the day, only a boss really can care about, truth be told). That thing is: “Understand, but that’s YOUR problem.”

The developer is already making a full sacrifice (and then some), if the company can’t harness and harvest it, it’s its problem, not the developer’s.


When an end-of-year holiday software release has bugs, it’s to be expected. Marketing desire will always outpace personal sacrifice. It’s baked into the raw economic physics of it, itself.

One could argue to do otherwise shows lack of passion / ambition.

So I don’t think Steinberg should be faulted for pushing for a release or even having bugs in it.

All that said, there is one thing that will push a developer even past this high level of personal sacrifice into a sort of inhuman “overdrive mode” (not sustainable even by those without families): Post-major-release bugs and poor craftsmanship. Because that IS the developer’s problem.

It is fair to for a developer to feel this way even after being pressed to do more feature-creep? No, but I guarantee you every developer feels it and responds to it and takes it very personally.

Now to my long-winded point…

This 8.0.5 release demonstrates the true capability of the Cubase development team. We get to witness it in near real-time. 8.0.5 was pushed hard to get to. It certainly had at least one or two senior developers via “email-only” as they tried to enjoy their holiday.

What it tells me is this: Cubase is very complex software; decades mature. We’re glad to see the update, but disappointed almost none of the “things we wanted” were not addressed.

It also tells me we all need to lower our expectations and be more realistic about what is possible.

This is specialized software that only sells so many units. For the Cubase team to scale up, just doesn’t seem likely.

I think if there is one thing that Steinberg could do, to meet us halfway, it would be this:

Create a feature and bugfix voting area for obvious non-NDA stuff. Obviously, Steinberg would not reveal its “surprise” features that highlight a major version release.

I’m talking about the known issues and really low-hanging-fruit features that would complete an obviously incomplete feature already released.

Then, there is no amount a criticism that can be waged except on we the users, ourselves, for voting for the wrong thing.

I just think Steinberg needs to grab the reins and control the “conversation” more. Paradoxically, a bug and feature voting area would give them a platform to do it.

Right now, it’s a one-way conversation.

And it would let we the users, put our voting where our mouth is.

I.e., a person voting for every feature, effectively nullifies his/her vote. Picking and choosing carefully what to vote for, should somewhat quell even the loudest among us.

It should be more, “why aren’t people voting for this more?” not, “why wasn’t this in a given release.”

I think it would also highlight some silliness in our requests. Like, surely there would be more votes for Render In-Place related features than boring old window management stuff, but clearly, the window management fixes needed to be addressed asap. Stuff like that.

Again, thanks for the .0.5 release!

Happy New Year, all.

Yeah, you just confirmed a suspicion I had. I doubt many people were in the office fixing bugs the previous two weeks. I was really surprised to see ANY update out the first week of the year.

Steinberg needs to triage the reported bugs, and decide which ones make the cut in the next update.

Please keep officially reporting bugs as you find them, folks (i.e. support tickets, not just forum posts). If enough people report the same bugs, that will push those issues higher on the list of priorities.

jalcide how does your explanation explain reintroducing old bugs that were already fixed in previous versions? does that mean that every new version is actually MORE buggy than the last (new + old)? to me that isnt evolution its devolution and eventually will result in a product that is so mired in flaws it will only achieve at best 50% functionality.

sounds alot like the “early adopter” argument… should read “paying beta testing sucker” if people continue to accept sub-standard service/product there is zero incentive for a company/developer to achieve better. steinberg isnt some small mom/pop one man show. this quality or lack thereof is totally unacceptable for the price they charge. how about “lets start development sooner on the next version so its actually ready by the desired release date”. to make excuses for shoddy workmanship only encourages more shoddy workmanship. raise the expected standard dont lower it.
but then again the old “carrot on a stick” is a proven trick to keep a horse moving. eg carrot 8.0.5…6…7…

“You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.” - Abraham Lincoln

Yeah, it’s a bummer.

Unfortunately, bugs don’t discriminate. It’s why they’re bugs.

You can’t simply freeze a particular code module in time, it needs to grow lock-in-step with other modules (not always at the same pace).

It’s unfortunate, but unavoidable.

This is why I think Cubase should maybe lower its own expectations, slightly.

There is a fine balance between being ambitious and doing the right thing. :laughing:

Well thats quite a reply to post @Jalcide, though I disagree with some of your statements!

The steinberg devolpment team are not a bunch of guys huddled in a dingy dark basement room in Germany sweating for days on end doing untold hours of unpaid overtime!

As a massive multinational, Yamaha (who design and manufacture just about everything the world consumes) have no doubt put the whole job out to tender and awarded the most “cost effective” (i.e. cheapest) software houses the job, probably on the other side of the planet (in well known software development hotspots) housing a lot of software engineers in air conditioned multi storey ofice blocks and, no doubt, involving multi departments (or even different software houses) working on specific areas of the application. All those differing areas (probably uploaded to dropbox or some equivalent) then have to be complied into a “finished product” for release following executive descisions by Yamahas board of directors following (very questionable) beta testing.

Getting product to market is the priority for any company, note how many airplanes or cars are recalled after people’s real lives are put at risk. The SB/Yamaha business model and drive will not be any different.

Steinberg should recrute a wide user base to beta test new product before release.

Could rant on buit won’t. C8 is the best release for years by SB and loving it but, it could have been the greatest.

I think you’re missing the point I was trying to make, which is: This 8.0.5 may actually demonstrate the real amount of steam Cubase has in its developer engine. You can’t make a train go faster when it’s at full power.

What I’m saying is that simply asking “let’s go faster” is not helping anyone and is missing an opportunity to have a conversation around the capabilities of that steam-powered train and to do what is realistic.

I’m saying to give we the users a choice of the destination of the train, to a small extent.

If the train, in the same timeframe can get to Vegas or Little Rock, where do most passengers want to go? Let’s vote.

Saying that we should ask them to get to both places in the same amount of time is just not realistic, so don’t be upset when you arrive at Arkansas (or Vegas).