Cubase 8.0.5 Link Group Settings still not saving

Just installed the 8.0.5 update. My projects are still suffering the problem of Link Group Settings defaulting to include Volume, Sends and Routing on all Link Groups created with VCA Faders, despite being created and again re-edited to remove these options.
This does not appear to have been fixed yet.

Interestingly, if you save a link group with all checkboxes ticked, when you next open the project, they are all still ticked.
If you save a link group with only “Use VCA Fader…” ticked, it will reopen with Volume, Sends and Routing checked.

If you have a couple of audio channels routed to a group nested within the VCA Link Group, you cannot adjust the fader levels within the VCA group with the Volume enabled. Holding down Option key to suspend automation works, but as soon as you release the mouse, the fader snaps back to its original position.

I’m on a MacPro OSX 10.9.5 (guess I better update my footer!)

+1 Yes same here! Windows 7 x64

VCA faders and all other bugs that comes with it are so buggy so I have give up the idea try to use it.
I think they will and need to re-work the whole VCA feature and implement it more intelligent if they going to get it to work.

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I’ve also noticed that if you link 2 tracks (including their EQ settings), and move the EQ rapidly, the 2 tracks go out of sync. One track will be different from the other by a few hz and a few db.