Cubase 8.0.5 Mediabay issues

Hi there,

I’m experiencing some odd behaviour with mediabay. I’m hoping I’m just doing something wrong so thought I’d post here first before reporting it as a bug.

I have a number of folders with audio files, which I scan, and then when I click on them some of the audio files show up for some folders and some don’t in others. If I then rescan a folder that isn’t showing any files they show up and I can preview. Then if I click off this folder onto another one and click back on it they have disappeared again and I have to rescan again to see them.

All of these files are visible in Cubase 7.5 mediabay without any issue.

I’ve tried all the various options in the bottom left hand corner of mediabay but the issue still persists.

Thanks in advance


Not set to rescan is it or continually scanning? If there’s a huge database it can take ages, it can be painfully slow when a few fully loaded drives are in the system which is something that needs to be looked at by SB

What colour are the folders in question. You mention clicking on and off of the folders - are you enabling their respective boxes, or just clicking on them. Read the chapter on Mediabay in the Manual Pg. 519 and esp. pg. 521.