Cubase 8.0.x window handling on Windows 7

Hi there,

since the introduction of Cubase 8.0.x, the window managment changed alot, and not for the good (at least for me in Windows 7 with 2 monitors). :unamused:

When i open Cubase, there is this windowless windowheader with the menu (Pic 1) which i kind of like. But sometimes (it really is random, i don’t know what i’m doing wrong) when i open up a project (Pic 2) this header is on top of the arranger window (which has the same menu) and the menu doesn’t work anymore because it is behind the windowless windowheader, which becomes nonfuctional after opening a project. I have to minimize, maximize, resize a few times until it becomes ‘one’. It’s a bit hard to explain, sorry. :confused:

But what really drives me nuts is the audiodriver config. I open up the menu for that and klick on ‘settings’, and the window opens behind the arrangerwindow (Pic 3). I have now chance but to shut down cubase in the taskmanager, because i can’t reach that window, and everything is unclickable until i close that window. What’s up with that? Does anyone on Windows have similar problems? I really want to configure this right but have no idea what’s wrong…

Cheers, Thomas
Pic 1.jpg
Pic 2.jpg
Pic 3.jpg


I cannot see anything wrong on the Pic2. Could you make a video, please?

Device Setup is a modal window, and it should be always on top. You should be able to control any window behind, and it should always appear on top. Could you again make a video, please?