Cubase 8.0?

I would like to know if there are any sightings of Cubase 8.0 in the immediate future?
I want to upgrade to 7.5 but I don’t want upgrade and 8.0 comes out & I’m not in the grace period.

This actually happened to me when I upgraded to 6.0 then 7.0 came out and I missed the grace period by a month or so.
If anyone has any leading information on this topic that can help me make the best decision to upgrade now or later your input would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

7.5 is only two months old so 8 is highly unlikely to appear anytime soon. You may be waiting a while.

probably in one year or so

I always recommend buying something based on the features you get and the price you pay. If C7.5 offers the features you need or want at a price that makes it a good value for you then buy it. It would not be economically wise to buy a product if it doesn’t have the features you want or need in hopes of getting a free upgrade to another product that also may not have the features that you want or need. By using this “is it worth my money” logic to decide on buying products, you can avoid that sad feeling of knowing you missed out on a free upgrade because you can just remind yourself that you were happy with the price when you decided to pay it.
If getting the free grace period update is the most important thing, then you could buy it now and wait to activate it until after the grace period starts.

In summary: If you want C7.5, buy it… If you don’t, but are aiming for C8, the question I would ask is, why? We don’t even know what features it will have or when it would be available.

I Think Cubase 8 is in progress. It will not be ready for sale for at least a year. Compare to the new daws these Days. Cubase need a update gui. I Think Cubase 8 will be like a jump from SX3 to Cubase 4.

Some people are obsessed with having the latest version of EVERYTHING! I have nothing against that so long as we can afford them. There are lots of features in an app like Cubase that are never used by some depending on what they do with the app and how they use it. Therefore, having the latest version takes priority over new features introduced in the latest version. Nothing against that either. Different people have different mentalities and make different decisions.

Having said that, sometimes people have to weigh their budget against their desires. So:

Couldn’t agree more.


I agree with the sentiment expressed here but if 7.5 fixes some of the problems I’m experiencing then depending on how far away version 8 is from release I may just buy the .5 upgrade as for me it’s about maintaining a functioning system not so much about features (although features are nice).

Why don’t we just take the gloves right off - Cubase 10 should be really something…

I’m waiting for version 15 because I KNOW they’ll have fixed that annoying bug caused by my hard drive grinding that crashes Cubase that was introduced in Cubase 11.01.03. Can’t be my hard drive because Reaper version 198.36.90 runs great.
Come on Steinberg! Get it fixed! Or else! Do I think I’m important? Hell yeah!

:mrgreen: Seriously, do you think they’ll take any notice at all? They don’t want all those copies of C7 rotting on shelves (because C8 is imminent) quite this soon.

Cubase 8 will be on the 6th of December… Hehe… Like the last 2 years…

Nothing like trying to cause complete and utter provocation … C8 you have got to be kidding ? While C7 is in this state ?

Maybe this year in December… but probably more around March/April 2015

I think it will be a huge workflow/ease of use type update. Probably new window management (window docking etc.),
working with multiple projects would be awesome for feature film scoring, and bounce in place for MIDI->audio and vice versa.
“With great [new features] comes great [bugfixing].”

Easter is usually a good time for either new things or updates. Staff getting their bonuses in for the summer holidays and new stuff for the trade shows. :slight_smile:

In fact map all the years music trade shows should give one an idea of the dates of any new releases.

I´d rather have some third party developers adopt VST3. Native Instruments should update their freakin´ Komplete Package I´ve purchased, finding out in horror that every plugin and instrument are still VST2. What a rip-off.

Of course it will be here by the beginning of December.

Grace period will be October.

Just like every year.

I’m really hoping for window docking (or a consolidated view) too. With so many windows, even on a Retina MacBook Pro, Cubase isn’t always the most friendly music making app for keeping everything in one place!

yeah consolidate view would be cool, I could also live with at least magnetic docking of windows and/or windows snapping into place and auto-resizing, some nifty features like that. I can work with screensets but it doesn´t really feel up to date anymore, compared to other programs (like Adobe products, or some other DAWs with a bit more advanced window handling).
After all window management hasn´t really changed a lot since Cubase SX.
But I really hope they don´t redesign the whole interface, it should keep the signature look.

psssst… you missed the boat, dude.

The next version will be a hybrid of software and tube hardware.

The correct name is : Tubase v1.0

Beta testers are welcomed

What I’m looking forward to most with the release of C8 are the inevitable postings here in the forum:
“Cubase 8 sucks, it’s back to Cubase 7.5.xx for me” :laughing:

No no no

By that time Cubase v6.5.5 would be considered VINTAGE…