Cubase 8.2 Quick Controls and Vienna Instruments Pro


I’ve searched the forum and have found nothing on this subject. That leads me to believe that I am doing something wrong. Any advice or direction is greatly appreciated…

I am using Vienna Instruments Pro in Cubase 8.2. I am having much difficulty in assigning Quick Controls to various performance parameters in VIP, e.g., volume, expression, master filter, etc. Where as all of my other plugins publish parameters automatically to quick controls, the only parameter published from VIP is “bypass”. (Attempts to create a custom set of Quick Controls using Cubase’s Remote Control Editor have not been successful as the learn function does not recognize when I have clicked on a parameter in the VIP interface.)

Ultimately, I was able to establish a connection to VIP with a controller, assign the proper CCs, and can record automation. Although that is a relief, the Cubase Quick Control system appears completely non-functional when it comes to VIP. Has that been the experience of others or am I overlooking something?

Thank you in advance for any insight you share.


VE PRO 5 blocks the communication back from the plugins inside VE PRO…really a bummer when you compare how great the communication of an instrument plugin is when loaded inside Cubase.

Hi. Thanks for replying.

Does that apply to Vienna INSTRUMENTS Pro as well? I was using Vienna Instruments Pro just as a normal vst no Vienna Ensemble anywhere.


I don’t use that so I can not say.

OK. Thank you. It’s given me a new avenue to investigate.

Just giving this a bump. Is there a Vienna Instruments Pro user who can shed some light? Thank you.

VSL have simply not implement any parameter automation except for Bypass. I have made a feature request for this years ago. There is no other way to control VIP than with midi controllers.

Then I’m not crazy and I’m not overlooking something obvious.

Thank you!