Cubase 8 32bit and RAM (will it see 8GB?)

Well then I am not sure what you are asking, or just venting maybe? If you still want a solution, find the maybe 4 plugins that use the most ram (and you use a lot) Simply take that very heavy project and start unloading plugins with device manager open and see which one makes a big difference. Might be even only one. And then bridge this or these plugins with Jbridge. Will take maybe half an hour and you are fixed for good. Will take no hard disk space. Jbridge is small only few MB and bridged plugins are only a pointer and take 1kb.

Don’t take it the wrong way Vinark your advice is golden. No venting just made my decision that I am not going to rebuild a working PC or spend 2 days downloading/reinstalling, the priority is getting my tunes made and having fun.

I now understand the problem with my 32/64 system and your J Bridge solution seems good to me right now.

I am curious how it integrates into Cubase 32/ x86 and the 2-3 soft synths in question.

Once installed correctly your project will load the same. It is 100% transparent. Only installing correctly needs some understanding of how it works. Best is to move the plugins you want to bridge to a separate folder, to prevent doubles and confusing cubase with identical plugs, I called it VST Jbridge that isn’t scanned by Cubase. You then use the Jbridger tool to create the bridged plugins in your VST folder.That is all. Cubase will load them as the normal plugins. But in a separate process and window.
If you already know, which are the plugins you need to bridge?

Thanks for that. I am going to finish this track as a priority, in my culled down and working project and then investigate and install J Bridge. Thankful for the advice.

If you have any problems with it when installing, reply here. I will get a notification.
Have fun with the track and
Good luck!

Much obliged.

A small but useful discovery. I found if I reduce the size of the GUI of most soft synths that have the option available it can cut a synth RAM footprint by 20-50MB per instance (especially so for the more memory hungry ones) which is quite a surprise. I can in theory cut memory use by 250-300MB which is significant in this project. When I do so all synth GUI’s appear without issue in my problematic project. Although I will continue with my concise project for finishing the track as I think most of it is there just need to arrange it.

I am still going to employ the J Bridge route before the next track but this is handy for others to know of if they find themselves in a tricky bounce down/freeze situation which as we know reduces tweak / programming flexibility.

It would be quite cool if soft synth devs had a low res GUI version for those who need it until we know everyone is 64 bit from end to end. Just a thought.


I think that one will remain “just a thought” :mrgreen:

After a bit of head scratching and wondering why Cubase could not see the “J Bridged” .dll’s I realized I did not run the software using admin status. Now it seems to work ok and I can load up 12 of the J Bridged .dlls of my 2 worst offending memory hogging synths using about 4.5GB in total according to resource monitor and the GUI’s load fine. Pleased with that so I have just bought the full version. Thanks for the advice now I can keep on making music with less bouncing. (now just have CPU to worry about) :slight_smile:

Very cool bit of software that.

Creativity First, remember.[/quote]

Creativity can be killed quickly by bad working tools. If you have a pc that constantly acts up because of its limitations your creativity will be down the drain pretty soon. You will have to deal with both! You need creativity to make use of the tools at your disposal; on the other hand you need a good working pc to be able to use these tools so this creative flow won’t parish in frustration. :wink: