Cubase 8.5.0 + Win10_64 VST periodic spike

Just in case anyone wants Windows Defender off for good (do you really need virus protection on a DAW?)…

If anyone is ever going to try and plug in a USB storage device (USB drive or flash stick) then you really do need virus protection. It would be too easy for your machine to be trashed with some of the insidious malware out there now. Do you really want to find all your projects encrypted by ransomware one day?

Modern computers have so much computing power that virus protection is s trivial load on the system and should have no visible effect on performance at all. If it does, then you have other problems with your system.

I don’t know where you are getting your suspicious thumb drives, but only my own drives with my own files on them get plugged into my DAW. Surfing the Internet and messing with downloaded files is for laptops and tablets.

Thanks guys for previously reporting this. I was running into the same issue on windows 10 with Cubase 8.5.2. I was running into issues where cubase sitting idle would just have random peaks on the real time meter and produce pops and dropouts. I had previously added all the exceptions to Windows Defender so cubase was not being scanned and I scheduled windows defender scans outside of working hours. Still the same issues.
Came across this thread and I disabled Asio-Guard and I have been pop free. Thanks for the tip.

tried that. slowed down the frequency of the spikes, but didn’t stop them

Hi all. Thought I’d share this because it might help someone out…
I finally fixed the cpu spike problem. Turned out to be a dodgy firewire port on my pci card. I plugged into another port and since then it’s been fine. Suprised me because I would have thought that the firewire connection would either totally work or totally not work. Just wish I had thought of trying that before I ended up completely reinstalling my system!!:smiley: