Cubase 8.5.10 graphic drag & drop glitches are back

Unfortunately it seems that the last update has brought back some graphic glitches that were fixed previously.

When drag & dropping an event, it is almost transparent and hard to see, specially if the background colour is set to white (which is my case).
Even worse, in the key editor the notes being drag & dropped disappear completely, making it hard to work with. I have had to revert to the previous version because of this.

Also the cursor (long vertical line) occasionally turns completely white.

That and I have timing issues when switching from one track to another. I think that has something to do with that ASIO Guard thing that they tried to correct in relation to the VSL ensemble issues.

I experienced something like that, difference in my case is I cant see nothing… you can see the video

its cubase 8.5.15