Cubase 8.5.15 and ATI drivers, should I go NVIDIA?

Hi guys
I have the HD7750 display card and using currently old drivers because when I update my driver to the new driver I get terrible performance. I’m looking to upgrade my display card, will nvidia based card will be better? of course I’m talking about gaming perspective, because I can’t play new games on my machine right now…

i also have a dual rig music/gaming, was always going nvidia , never any
problems, tried an amd 4 months ago beacuse price/performance was
just too nice. sold amd card in like 2 months, was not happy, performance
of the pc somehow felt wrong with the amd.

now back to nvidia, all good, no problems, performance is alright.

Thank you, some questions:
Your’e on Cubase 8.5.15? are you using the latest drivers? which card do you have?

You have to specify what you mean by terrible performance.

If Cubase is drawing graphics slowly for you, the problem is either a slow CPU or other applications taxing the CPU (open Task Manager to check). The GPU (display card) doesn’t have a real effect on Cubase and most other non-gaming applications where GPU accelerated UIs are extremely rare.

If you get audio dropouts and LatencyMon ( shows your display driver is to blame, that’s the only genuine reason to change the GPU for Cubase. But even then you can try a different version of the display driver. E.g. if you have the newest one, AMD will have older versions on their site and certainly some of them will be fine. Both Nvidia and AMD have had DPC issues in the past – there’s no guarantee either company’s latest driver will always be working ok.

I have been using an AMD RadeonHD 7700 for the last year. Once I got my head around using 3 monitors I have not had any problems with performance. Granted I have not upgraded the drivers lately. Actually with 8.5.15 things have stabilised quite nicely. The CPU spiking I used to have has been long gone.
On my last system I had two NVIDIA cards that failed and I wasn’t keen to repeat the experience.

If you ask on this forum, you will get adherents of both ATI and Nvidia. There are so many variables you can only take other people’s experiences into account to a certain degree.

I’ve got an ATI R7 card, no troubles whatsoever.