Cubase 8.5.15 crash

HI All

I use Cubase to perform as well as compose.

Since updating to Windows 10 Cubase crashes. The Asio meter jumps to max, see image,

and the sound just becomes a repeating single pitch sort of feedback loop. I’ll try to upload a sound file.

If I close the project and re-open its gone but now I cannot use Cubase now as a ‘Live Performance’ tool which I want to do.

Any suggestions would help, including how I can upload an audio file of the problem so you can hear.

By the way I use a pair of connected Roland Studio Captures as my audio interfaces.

Thanks in advance.

I had to wait for approval.

Any help would be appreciated.

It would help greatly if you could give us more information about your system.

Some questions come to mind.

Have you updated your graphics card drivers?
Have you updated your soundcard drivers?
Does this happen with every project?
Have you tried creating a new project to see if you are carrying something over from past projects?
Do you use 32 bit plugins? I am assuming that you are running Cubase in 64 bit.

Hi silhouette

Thanks for your reply.

I don’t know how to update my graphics card drivers.
I have downloaded and installed the latest Windows 10 drivers drivers for the Roland Studio Captures.
This happens on all my projects and only when using the Roland Studio Captures, which I have to use.
I do run Cubase in 64 bit and the only plugins I use are NI Kontakt 5 running the Rickenbacker Bass plugin.

This never happened until I installed Windows 10 about 10 days ago.


I have now gone through device manager and indeed my intel and Nvidia drivers needed to be updated.

Let us know what happens when they are updated.

Thank You I will report back at the end of the week.


New drivers have had no effect. 1 crash last night.

I have included a zip file with a video of the crash in it.

Any further help will be appreciated.
Cubase crashed (3).zip (1.84 MB)

Anybody experienced this?

I have had nothing back from Steinberg Tech Support regarding this so you guys are my only hope!!!

If you upgraded to W10 rather than clean installing then it would definitely be worth fully uninstalling Cubase…delete any left over folders and reinstall it clean for the new o/s.

What driver are you using? You say that you’re using a pair of interfaces, but ASIO can only communicate with one interface at a time except for special circumstances.

The Roland driver treats the two devices as one.
You can’t mix any old interface but with with multiple instances of the same device this is a fairly common option.

Ahhh… Ok. My Lynx does the same thing. Still, I’d try using one and see if the performance is the same.