Cubase 8.5.15 GRAPHICS LAGGY

Hello , i have many issues mostly for zooming in and out or when i use a lot of native cubase eq 's the analyzers and the faders level are very laggy !
i use an iMac maxed out specs so i don’t think that the problem is from my mac , also i use OS X 10.11.4 maybe is this that causes the issues ?
thanks !

Same here, new iMac, 27 inch with the retina display, 32gb ram. Read that some of the lag issues were due to the retina display which steinberg supposedly resolved on the last update. Maybe it did improve slightly, but not enough. Great program, love the new features (I upgraded my computer and Cubase from version 5), but still a lot of bugs that need addressing. I’m getting fairly regular crashes as well. Also, is anyone noticing that you really have to click very precisely on buttons to activate? Not all, but for sure bypass/activate buttons for sends and inserts are annoying. Same with dragging the send and EQ faders - have to grab it a couple of times sometimes to actually get it to move. Nothing like that in the older versions of cubase.

Yes as i 'm working i found many more issues , etc. when i load vsts like kickstart , waves my cubase is very very very laggy , i very disappointed cause everything works great in logic pro x ! please stein berg you have to fix this :slight_smile:

I find the GUI to be very laggy also on my Mac system, Mac Pro 2010 3.33.ghz with El Capitan, my main annoyance is that it is really jerky to move audio events around.

I have the same issue on PC :frowning:
Cursor, meters, channel analyzers, scroll stops for few seconds every now and then.