Cubase 8.5.15 Hangs At Exit...

What the heck is going on with this?

C8.5.15 hangs on exit, and it needs to be closed using the Task Manager.
This version more so than any previous one. Is this the rule more than the exception?

Anyone else?

Which plugins are you using on the “hanging” project?

Quite a few… But I have suspicion on what plugin/plugin chain that may cause this (more so in 8.5.15 than in 8.5.0).

When I launch a project I can see a certain track/channel name using a lot more time to initialize than the others.
I am away for a few days, but will investigate that said channel and its plugins (which is part of my main Studio Template).

Are there any known plugins that have this issue with Cubase 8.5.xx?

I’ve had issues with vst3 versions of slate digital plugs such as VTM and VMR, also SSL Duende drum strip, vst2 and vst3 versions… iLok related?

This crashing-on-exit is an years old bug. It comes out on some systems, depends on configuration. Some ppl never have problems with it, some have occasional problems, and for some it always crashes on exit. For me it crashes sometimes, and sometimes it exits fine - no idea why sometimes it is fine and other time not.

Unfortunately Steinberg is unable to fix this since several years, it seems to be beyond their abilities. Best learn to live with it like many of us do. At least what they did is workarround, that now you can run another instance of Cubase although previous instance is still hanging in background. Before you had to restart computer each time after exit. Now at least you can start new instance immediately, and previous hanged instance usually closes itself after some time (or not).

Something i have noticed… i had one yesterday evening, if i first close the project and wait a minute or so i seem not to have the issue any more BUT if i close the project and then close cubase within a few seconds of each other, particularly if i have more than a few plugins loaded there’s an increased likelihood of a crash occurring.
I’ve also noticed that Cubase seems to be writing some kind of log files during closing a project or cubase itself… could it possibly be something to do with this?.. just throwing it out there…

Cubase is writing all system preferences xml files at exit. If you make some change settings, and then Cubase crashes, you lose those settings. Also if you open a project, and cubase crashes, then your last project is not listed in “Recent projects”, because Cubase was not able to write its preferences file.

I bet this is one reason for corrupted preferences thet users experience, and the need to “flush preferences”. All preferences are written at Cubase exit, and if Cubase hangs on exit, preference files get half written, corrupted…

I think Cubase should write peferences the moment you close preferences window. Or there should be a menu function “Save all preferences now”. I see no good reason why Cubase waits with saving until the moment of exiting program.

It is a good practice with Cubase to first close project, then wait some time (a minute or so), and only after that close Cubase. It seems that in this way it is able to write preferences better, and it hangs less on exit in this way. It still hangs sometimes here, even if I follow this closing procedure.

My exit procedure is :-
Close project.
Go to task manager ( ctrl,shift,esc on windows pc)
Observe Cubase CPU usage on the processes tab.
Wait until CPU % goes to below 1 or 2% ( preferably 0%).
Quit Cubase.
This works for me 99% of the time.

Pretty much what i do these days too… i also monitor my HD usage at the same time and as you say it works pretty much all the time…

Congrats on your 1000th post matjones!:slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:

P.s. Known plugs? Idk… Not gonna speculate…I used to have it often, now its very rare that i get a crash on exit…
Try updating your ilok software and your gfx card drivers for starters…
(Also wait 1-2 secs after closing project before you close cubase)

lol cheers ggc :wink:

yeah all my drivers etc are up to date… that’s something i’m red hot on… but for those that aren’t it’s usually a good place to start you’re right!

Of corse I use the Task Manager to close down Cubase… when needed (it doesn’t hang each time).

And yes, all my drivers are up to date.

Thanks all for chiming in :slight_smile:

I have noticed that you are using a UAD card. The latest UAD drivers 8.5 caused cubase to crash/freeze on exit every time. I have resolved this by installing driver version 6.1 and have not had one single problem. later drives might work also (?) but the latest 8.5 did not work for me at all.

PS I’m on windows 10 64 bit pro

I’m still using 8.2.0 driver for my UAD2 cards which seem incredibly stable, i’ve had problems with the UAD drivers in the past but i’m pretty sure i’ve identified any ‘problematic’ plugins on my system now… also when updating plugins i now deliberately try to induce a crash/hang to ensure they’re not going to cause issues. It’s generally vst3 versions of 3rd party plugins that cause issues in my own experiences.

I have same problem on Cubase 8.5.15, Windows 10 64bit pro, Any solution???

I my god… Nobody here from Steinberg?
still… Cubase Pro 8.5 latest versions Always Annoying me… Please fix…pleassssssss :frowning: . I paid u money?

  • in windows 10 pro, Can’t close Cubase Pro 8.5, I am always using task manager for close…
  • Today, my whole day working project is broken…

Sorry you are having trouble. To be honest, I can’t help but maybe something in this thread can. So , check it out, if you haven’t already. Lots of talk about different VSTs that might be the cause. Also, have you put in an official support request ticket? Good luck. :wink:

Regards :sunglasses:

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Possible solutions:

  1. Do you have Ableton live installed on your system? In that case you must prevent Cubase to load Ableton Live Engine.dll (rewire). The drawback is that you cannot use rewire with Ableton anymore.

  2. Disable all M-Audio midi drivers. Cubase does not like them and cannot unload them at exit.

Hi everybody, i had the same problem with cubase , hang on exit.

I finally found the solution for me and hope that it will help .

1 - be shure to disactive all network card (onboard and wireless)
2- be shure to disactive (no icon at windows bar) all anti-virus, or firewall like windows10firewallcontrol.

doing that solve the hang on exit, and now cubase exit fine.