Cubase 8.5.15 Ignoring Cycle

Cubase has been ignoring the cycle recording indicator (just basic cycling). It is especially problematic when I am working across two monitors . It is as if it can’t find the focus even though the cycle is on. I have to stop the track and manually toggle the cycle indicator on the transport or enable cycle on the ruler. Has this been documented or is it likely machine specific?


Are you aware about the new Punch In/Out mechanism in Cubase 8.5? Are you sure, you are not in the Punch In/Out Mode?

i am not using the new punch in / out mode in this case. The issue happens when I am editing a parameter in a plugin usually on the second monitor. If the track was cycling between the cycle indicators as expected it will suddenly keep playing past the cycle however the cycle is still indicated on the ruler and the transport. I have to go back the section by clicking on the ruler and toggle on and off the cycle indicator to get it to cycle again. Thank you for responding. - Scotty

So by the silence, this is likely specific to my machine. Where do I go from here? I have done reinstalls of Cubase to no avail.