Cubase 8.5.20 Apply Standard Fade In/Out

Hi! I’m can’t to find in menu Key Commands the shotcut for command “Apply Standard Fade In/Out”. Who knows how to fix this shortcut?

Hi and welcome,

Use this function, and immediately open Key Commands window. The last triggered function is selected.

Does this even exist as a function…where is it triggered from?

Can you make and send screenshot from Key Commands?

Where can you see the “Apply Standard Fade In/Out” command in Cubase?

File/Key Commands

I mean, where is the place, where you CAN see the command. Where did you trigger it from?

I think you’re trying to explain to someone how to set a key command for a function that doesn’t exist Martin.

I need shortcut for this

for only sigment

This is just fade in. Fade out is a separate command.
Just put those words in the kc search box.

No, command Fade in/Out in menu Process is apply for audio file. This is not command for audio clip. In the Nuendo this command is name “Apply Standard Fade In/Out”…hm

You want increment fade in length I think

Eureka! I taked this cmmand before, but timeline was is not timecode and don worked correct.Now is ok. Thank you!