Cubase 8.5.20 doesn't remember window size.

In versions of Cubase prior to 8.5.20 you could change the size of Open/Audio Import/etc windows and the next time you open them they would stay that size. Now that’s not the case - it resets every time. Very annoying.

El Capitan 10.11.6 (15G31), Cubase Pro 8.5.20

yes, PITA…I would recommend using a program called Stay. Solved a lot of headache with all my programs, works great.

Same with plugin windows. Positions and sizes.

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Must be a Mac thing.

Garehead - do you find you can set the size and then it always pops up at that size, OR do you have to tell Stay to reposition it every time?

I gave Stay a try and it doesn’t seem to do anything, tbh. I memorize the position/size but then restoring that does nothing. Perhaps I’m missing something obvious…

Bodegaempire, I think the program Stay only works on your main open windows. It doesn’t really work for any other windows you open afterwords, like editor windows, import windows, etc. I had an issue when I would turn off my monitors and and go away for a little while, then come back and turn them all on again, all the windows would be different (programs would move around to other monitors) and Stay solved that issue. Think I misread the problem you were having.

I would have to say that for most of its career, Cubase has been very bad at remembering window sizes hihi :slight_smile: not helping, i know…

I have that problem after video card changing. Can I fix it without Cubase reinstalling? ty

Just an FYI…

In the Cubase>File>Preferences>General menu…

Make sure the “Open Projects in Last View Used” option is set to “Always”. It will (at least it does for me) open your project in the last view saved before you closed Cubase. So, not bad if you are opening the same project but it won’t save each individual project configuration. PIA for sure. I have seen a “feature request” posted for this functionality.

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