Cubase 8.5.20 lost channels

I got strange situation today. I worked on project. I created new instrument track. Cubase crushes on open VST instrument. I tried to open project again and I see message that “Loading Channel [Channel Name]” and nothing happened. I wait about 2 hours already.

Can anybody explain me, what happened? And can anybody explain detailed how to open project now?

Thank you

I see that support doesn’t work here. This is my third post with real problem with my project. And I get silent as feedback everytime. Very bad support…

This isn’t a support forum, it’s a user forum… if you feel you want support then your best bet would be to contact ‘support’.

Back to your question.

It sounds like you might have a plugin issue on that channel, can you remember what plugins, if any, you have on it? if so then try disabling those plugins in the plugin manager before you open the project, then see what happens… if it works then re-enable the plugins one at a time until one causes your issue again…

Matjones, thank you for the answer and explanation.

My problem is still to present. I using Sylenth 1 synth in project and in last three tracks that I added. If I try to open current project, I get message “Loading channel [channel name]” with name of three last tracks with Sylenth 1. Name of track can be different from last three. Cubase freeze on this message.

If I open another project with Sylenth, project opens without problem. If I open current project them, project opens without problem!

Well. I converted MIDI region into wav and deleted track with Sylenth them. But, problem still to present! I don’t have any inserts or any sends on this tracks.

From other side, I have about another 10 Sylenth tracks in current projects. But, Cubase opened and open project without any problems before I added last three!

I have other projects with Sylenth. And this projects opened by Cubase without any problem!

Saying honestly, I’m surprised about how Cubase opens projects. Logic Pro X, for example, log project loading monitoring. And if something goes wrong and Logic crashes, this DAW switches off wrong VST on next load.
What about Cubase, project loading not logged by Cubase. And if you have VST that crashes cubase on load, you will have “send report” every time after Cubase crashes.

Some time ago I used LIMITING AMPLIFIER LM-662 from Nomad Factory. This is plugin very unstable on my Mac OS system wit Cubase 8.5.xx. I got 8 times of crashes from 10 on load. It was like nightmare! I try to open project and every time Cubase crashes without any adequate messages about wrong VST. I spent about 3 weeks for looking for the wrong VST. And I taken decision finish this project with another DAW. I began move data track-by-track, and channel-bychannel. I chosen Logic because I used this DAW before I switch to Cubase.

Logic Pro X crashes when I tried load project at the next time. But, on the second loading Logic Pro X says that “LIMITING AMPLIFIER LM-662 crushed project at last load and will be turned off”. Wow! I spent 3 weeks for found mistake in Cubase and Logic gave message for few minutes.

And I have problem with channels now. Cubase makes better sound than Logic. More clear and transparent. For my ears at least. But, problems with wrong VST or “waiting for video service” message that I still to see often or unexpected crashes increasingly make me think about migration to another DAW. May be Studio One or…

And this is very bad that Steinberg doesn’t read this forum.