Cubase 8.5.20 No VCA fader at all

Hi guys,

New to this forum. Recently purchased Cubase 8.5Pro and I really like it.
However, in the studio I work for we have Nuendo. I’ve been working on a project and wanted to do some further editing at home on my Cubase. Everything was fine until I saw that the VCA was not there. No pretty green fader in my Mixer… Nothing. I then opened a new project… and Still no pretty green fader.

I can add a VCA channel, and voila pretty green fader. In my rack view I still don’t seem to have the ability to assign channels to VCA sends. If that makes any sense.
Am I doing something wrong?


maybe you have selected ‘Add VCA fader’ instead of ‘Add VCA fader to selected channels’?

If you select the latter, you get the fader - when selecting the former, the VCA fader is unassigned and the fader is missing. If you then select a bunch of channels and link them, e.g. as ‘Link 1’, you can select it on the VCA fader channel (on the part that corresponds to the pan for the audio channels, groups and FX) and the fader will appear.

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