Cubase missing studio menu and input/output channel missing

When i open cubase as empty projectfile there is no input/outputchannel to see and there is no studio menu entrance to see ( i do see this in some youtube video’s

How to setup this ?

The Studio Menu was created after 8.5 - much of what is now in it can be found in the Devices Menu.

Not sure what you mean about the Input & Output. Perhaps they are set to be hidden in the MixConsole’s Visibility tab? If not can you post some screenshots of the VST Connection’s Input & Output tabs.


I just see in Cubase 9.5, there is added a Studio menu…
Also added in Cubase 9.5 , input and output channels in project window.
( i like to add this too in Cubase 8.5 also , but how if possible?)
Is there a way in this new forum to ask specific question about Cubase 8.5…or not ?
If not, then this is really not userfriendly.

I did not see/find it on this forum, or do i overlook it to find information about Cubase 8.5 ?

I’m pretty sure you can see them in 8.5 too. The way Cubase works with Input & Output Channels in the Project Window is a bit weird in my opinion. Initially the I/O Channels only appear in the MixConsole but not the Project Window. But once you enable Automation on these Channels in the MixConsole they will appear in the Project Window. I gather the idea is their only real use in the Project Window is for Automation - which is pretty much the reality.

So in the MixConsole enable the Channel’s Write Button (which will also turn on the Read Button) and then disable both the Read and Write Buttons. You don’t need to actually create any Automation data - just turn the feature on then off.

Once you can see them, if you save that as a Template then any Project you create from that Template will also show them.

There used to be version specific sub-forums in the old forum but not here. Although you can put Tags onto Posts to indicate older versions. I haven’t really played with the Tags yet, so no advice on that. But in general I think it is better to not have all those version sub-forums. On the old platform only a tiny number of folks looked at them at all - so questions in them could go unanswered for a long time simply because they were unread. The setup here means a bunch more people are going to see a post about 8.5 or whatever.

Also most of the Cubase questions really apply to most if not all versions of Cubase so there is no advantage in separating them by versions. And again there is a risk that good answers get overlooked because they are sitting in a seldom-looked-at sub-forum.

I think i made it easier for my self by upgrading from Cubase 8.5 after 5 years to Cubase 11
Probably the Input& output channels in Cubase 11 do have the same functionality as in Cubase 8.5

Indeed, posting questions in general makes the chance big that someone it is reading