Cubase 8.5.30 doesn't initialize, stops on Global Settings

Cubase initializes with usual speed until it reaches Global Settings, then it completely stops.
I’m on Windows 7 service pack 1.

What I tried:
Updated elicenser software, switched around elicenser from USB 2 to 3 and back. Nothing. Googled for answers - nobody with the same problem.
Trashed the preferences. No help there either. Started in safe mode - the same.

Recent changes to my system:
In the past few days I have added Voxengo correlometer to my Control Room plugin chain, also installed a trial version of Ozone 9. Removed the voxengo plugin manually and deinstalled the Ozone 9, didn’t help. Same problem.

It’s (maybe) important to note:
Didn’t reboot my system or shut down Cubase for around a week I guess. The problem started today after a reboot.

I would be very thankful for further tips on how to resolve this situation.

After 6 more hours of trying everything, Cubase is working again:

The winning combination was complete uninstall, reinstall from scratch, ROLL BACK my UR44 drivers to the spring 2017 version.