Cubase 8.5.30 overload CPU

A few days ago I bought the vst Dune 2.5 of Synapse but i have some problem and
i need your help to figure out why cubase shows the saturated CPU overload indicator when i use VST Dune 2.5.
The composition is difficult because the software crashes or clicks
Synapse says the problem is Cubase, something on management the Multi Threading.
In the Synapse forum there more user cubase users who complain about this problem and I would like to understand why this DUNE plug-in is not managed by Cubase like everyone else because only DUNE that overloads CPU load?

My setup:
Windows 10 64Bit
Intel I7 3,6
Ram 8GB
VGA: Nvidea 770
MB: Asus z87 deluxe
Cubase 8.5 Pro 64bit
Motu 828 mk3, buffer 512

Thanks so much!

This argument synapse forum: