Cubase 8.5 32 works, but ... [SOLVED!]

So I´have this weird issue. Cubase 8.5 32 works, but I get this prompt in my face every time I start it.

Yes, with a typo and everything.
So I run the LCC but it’s nothing there that says anything about the issue.
I also have Cubase 10 and C8.5 is just for old 32 bit stuff that’s still cool in my mind.

But is there a way to get rid of that nagging prompt? I’m just sick and tired of it hehe.



This is an known issue. Windows update ruins the eLCC permission.

Start eLCC as administrator and trigger Maintenance. Then quit eLCC and start Cubase. The message shouldn’t appear anymore (until next big Windows update).

OK! A solution! And it worked! I’m in! Thanks :smiley:

Microsoft …

This works … sometimes! :unamused: