Cubase 8.5 64 bit crashes every time I open key editor

Hi. Today I encountered a bug/issue that causes Cubase 8.5 to crash whenever I try to open the key editor. I haven’t had any problems of this sort before.
I’m running the 64-bit version on Windows 7. I have already attempted to reset the preferences, as I read that it might fix the problem. I did this by accessing ‘preferences’ through the menu, and then afterwards by booting Cubase in safe mode (ctrl+shift+alt), telling it to do a temporary reset, but neither of these things did the trick.
I also read you could access the User Settings Data Folder and manually trash any key commands, preferences or sound card settings that might somehow mess up the program, but I’m not able to locate the folder. When I access the Cubase folder through programs, program files or documents there’s simply no sub folder called User Settings Data.

I’m scanning for viruses as well, but so far it hasn’t yielded any results. I’ve done a re-install too, which didn’t do anything either.
Does anyone know what could be wrong?

Managed to solve the problem. Trashing all data in the user settings data folder worked.

Hey I’m having the same problem.

Could you please explain how you fixed it??


Hi could you possibly explain this further please.