Cubase 8.5/9 FR - My ultimate list

I wanted to compile a short list of FRs which IMO are among the most important.

  • Smart tool - Double right click insert note, double right click on it deletes note. Drag up/down for note velocity change (to quickly adjust velocity while drawing), left/right for length

  • Insert effect per event region (as in S1)

  • Folder track as Audio bus/Group track (this is much needed, almost all DAWs have it. you pack a folder, and have the option to make it a group. This is pretty awkward now in Cubase.

  • Macro knobs in Quick Controls - One knob can control a few parameters


  • and the biggest topic of them all - AUTOMATION:

    I think that automation is one of the neglected areas of Cubase and needs a complete serious overhaul:

  • “Automation clips” or containers like in FL Studio, or like in Logic (called “region-based automation”). Basically chunks of automation that can be moved around, copied and pasted just the same as instrument parts.

  • Automation clips can be ghost-copied for repeating/rhythmic automation, edit one clip and changes propagate to all ghost copies at once. Please don’t even mention copy-paste here, it’s a waste of time.

  • An automation clip can control any parameter, so any given automation clip can be freely dragged or copied across to other parameters.

  • Existing single-line automation remains for “old-school” automation fans, automation clips optionally drawn in to sit on top of the existing automation line (automation clips would have higher precedence than the single-line).

  • editable curves via Bezier curves

  • Additional line tools such as SAW (like in S1, FL etc)

  • Control Link - just like the Control Link in Studio One, you can see the value being moved in the plugin, and you can also link it to one of the knobs in the midi controller for quick automation.

  • Additional line tool - SAW wave or Ramp up/down

Look at the curves of FL Studio for example. It’s amazing how easy it is to make them and edit them.

there have been some topics related to Automation why don’t put your thoughts in there? Automation Editor, Vertical Align, Bezier Curves, 0 dithering Automation , etc …

I agree, I had some post regarding automation too. But just thought of putting all the good ideas I had and saw from other people in one place.

+1 I completely agree.

Been asking for these for years. Maybe 8.5 9 or 12 will have it :stuck_out_tongue:

I have registered to highlight this huge topic which Steinberg cannot ignore anymore. The lack of this implementation is the single reason why Cubase isn’t my primary daw. As an electronic music producer who’s work is heavily based on automation I just couldn’t struggle with dots and what not trying to execute in minutes something I could do in seconds in FlStudio.

Big yes to automation clips, and I would add automation presets as well…this would finally set Cubase on par with the rest of the daws in this department.

The folder/group channel hybrid is another gap I never understood from Steinberg.

It is the best daw when dealing with midi no doubt on that, however that automation management is old-fashioned and totally counter-productive.

This is my favorite Studio One feature hands down and I would really love to see it in Cubase.
Once you set up the Control Link feature with an external device like e.g. the BCR2000 (or anything else with enough knobs and buttons) you have hands on control to literally any controllable VST parameter that is in focus or any global parameter.