Cubase 8.5 Activation and USB E-Licenser issues

Hello. My name is Jethro and I live in Manila, Philippines. I have been a faithful Cubase user since 2005.

I was able to buy two (2) Cubase 8.5 softwares for my Windows and Mac systems respectively. These are upgrade purchases, as I previously own a Cubase 7, which is originally installed in my Windows system desktop. The Windows system is my main system in the studio and is working fine.

I decided to purchase another Cubase software for my Mac laptop for my personal use so I can do on-location/ field-location projects.

Because my original usb-elicenser is attached to my Windows desktop, I thought that I needed to purchase a new USB E-licenser so that I can use Cubase on my Mac, and so I bought one. Unfortunately, I am unable to activate the Cubase software on my Mac using the new USB-Elicenser. The message I have been getting is: “No license to upgrade found. connect a usb-licenser which contains appropriate license to upgrade your computer”. What is it trying to say? Does it mean I have to use the e-licenser attached to my Windows for the Cubase software on my Mac to work?? If so, wouldn’t that mean I can only use one system at a time? Is there a way for the Cubase on my Mac be activated using the new usb-licenser I purchased?

I’d appreciate some assistance and help on this matter. How do I activate Cubase 8.5 on my Mac using the new usb-licenser? I have already spent a great deal of money with purchasing 2 softwares and the usb licenser :frowning:.

Thanks for the help.




I already dowloaded the latest eLCC for the newly purchase usb e-licenser. I thought that would solve the problem but it didn’t.

Thanks again.

You can’t turn one copy into 2 with 2 upgrades.
Contact support and they may refund your unused activation.