Cubase 8.5 and chord track crashing

I can use chord track by clicking with my mouse but as soon as I use my midi controller to hit the chords Cubase crashes never had this problem before


What OS do you use, please? Could you describe your MIDI Connection, please? Do you jse QuickControls or any Kind of Remote Device with this MIDI Port?

I dont know this method of working. Cant you simply play your chords and program it on midi???

I’m experience the same issue as OP. I’ll try to describe the best I can of what’s going on. Every time I go to my chord track to add a new chord, I use my midi controller to input the notes with midi input function (which the chord track in Cubase uses) Cubase 8.5 Pro crashes.

I am not using anything fancy with my midi controller, just clicking on my chord track, and trying to play the chord on my midi controller so Cubase uses midi input to apply the chord I’ve played.