Cubase 8.5 and RealLPC

Closing the RealLPC UI in Cubase 8.5 crashes Cubase. Nice.


the same here with RealLPC, Real Guitar, Real Strat and Cubase 8.5;
same problem with Cubase 8.0.30;
no problems when I use Cubase 7.5.30.

Very slow support and no solution from MusicLab. You can see other Cubase users with the same problem in their forum.

Workaround: use jBridge and bridge Real instruments (in my case 64 to 64); in this way I can use the instruments but I experience strange crashes when I close the projects or Cubase.

I’ve had pretty decent response from MusicLab in the past; but I haven’t had issues recently so maybe things have changed?

Anyways: cpechet1 (if you haven’t done this already), you should definitely drop a support request to Music Labs about the C8.5 issue. They recently released version 4 of real guitar; so they are probably working on an update of LPC right now, so it might be a reasonable request for them to fix the issue in that update.

Just a thought :bulb:

Thanks… I did just that… Noticed on the musiclab forum another user with the same issue…

This just in from Musiclab’s support:

Dear Casey Pechet,

We fixed that issue in RealGuitar 4. We are now working on RealStrat 4 and RealLPC 4 and hope to release them in the near future. You can upgrade to RealGuitar 4 in your MusicLab account:

Sorry for inconvenience.

My response:

I would be more inclined to purchase upgrades (as I have in the past) in the interest of supporting your company than by being blackmailed into it.

How very disappointing.


Much to my (pleasant) surprise, Musiclab responded to my complaint and comped me the RealGuitar 4 upgrade which has solved all UI crash problems - including RealLPC and RealStrat.

Very kind of them.