Cubase 8.5 and Yamaha Motif Xs VST Editor

Hi I am trying to set up a workable set up between Cubase 8.5 on macbook pro and Yamaha Motif XS VST Editor and they aren’t talking at all. I can’t get the DAW and XS to connect I have Firewire . They used to with my Cubase 4. What am I doing wrong ?


Make sure the plug-in is 64-bit and you are not using VST Bridge, please.

Hi can you clarify what you mean please ?
1…How do I make sure the “plug in” ( to clarify is that the VST Editor ? or ?.. )
2…VST Bridge ? What is that ?
Tell me how to make sure and I will check that
I am so frustrated at present I keep getting the message ports not properly set.
When I had Cubase 4 it was seamless now it appears it isn’t
I wish to the some work I did on the Motif and transfer it to Cubase so I can keep working on it In Cubase 4 on my 32 bit PC I opened the VST Editor and it just happened and it wold all be there in Cubase track by track
I now have Macbook Pro 64 bit laptop
Anyway really looking forward to your reply