Cubase 8.5 Artist 32 bit vs 64 bit

I’m currently working in Cubase artist 8.5 32 bit on a 64 bit operating system. The reason is that some plugins only tend to work in a 32 bit DAW environment, not in 64 bit. So here’s my question ;

What would exactly be the benefit of the 64 bit version?

I’d be thankful for any decent explanation! :unamused:


Any 32-bit application can use 2GB (or 3GB) of RAM as its maximum. This is 32-bit world limit. The 64-bit applications can use much much more. You can reach the limit easily if you use large sound linraries (like Symphonic sounds). Also some plug-ins (for example Referbs) can be pretty RAM consuming.

You can use 32-bit plug-ins in 64-bit Cubase. There is build in VST Bridge. Of course, as every bridge, it takes some CPU power extra. There is also 3rd party bridge, which works with some plug-ins, VST Bridge doesn’t work with: jBridge. Again, it takes some CPU power, but then you can use more then 3GB of RAM for your project and 64-bit plug-ins.

Thank you very much Martin, I didn’t know about the internal vst brigde. Guess I’m gonna go for the 64 bit version.