Cubase 8.5 Artist. Snap Question.

This may be a stupid question but I for the life of me can’t figure it out. Is there anyway to make it that cubase 8.5 remembers the snap that you have it to relative to the editor and sequencer? What I mean is that on the sequencer page i’ll have the snap set a bar, i’ll go into a event and the snap will be the set to every bar. Vise Versa. I want it to instead remember that in the Key editor I want my snap to be “X” (being a variable) and “X” in the sequencer. As opposed to have to change it back and forth.


I’m sorry, I don’t get your question. In both case you are describing, the Snap is set to Bars, or…?

In other words, he wants to set separate snap values for the editor and the arranger. Good idea, but I don’t have an answer for him.

A limited answer:

You can set the Project window (sequencer you called it) to beat or bar instead of ‘use quantize’ this might be what you need in certain use cases.

This is what I’m also using. In the Project window, the Snap Grid is set to Bars, sometimes to Beats. In the Editors, I’m using Quantize. So I even didn’t notice, it’s linked. :slight_smile:

Oh wow, this is actually a great solution. I’ll have to check this out when I get home. Thanks

Thanks guys. It’s just such a weird thing to me because it seems kinda like a basic thing, but that’s coming from past experience with Reason. I never even noticed that feature until I started working in Cubase.

I just purchased the Cubase Artist 8,5 with the believe it would support Export / Import of Music XML. When opening the file menu this was missing even though the documentation said it could handle this format.

Any one that know more on this subject? Is the only option the to go for Cubase Pro 8.5?