Cubase 8.5 - audio events' waveforms disappearing

  1. create a project
  2. import an audio file
  3. zoom in and out
    –> the waveform stays invisible at certain zoom ratios

check linked .gif screen captured animation illustrating the issue

system :
Windows 7
i7 CPU X980 @3.32 GHz
32 Go of RAM
SSD Hard disks

edit :
PS. this anomaly may have appeared after an audio bounce.

I used to get this behavior with Cubase 8.0.3

I also noticed it was happening after an audio bounce.
Is it reproducible in new/different projects?

Having this issue too.

Opened a song. Clicked in track window, all the track waveforms disappeared.


For me the waveform disappears when I use the cursor to zoom in and out. They reappear until I release my mouse click.

Update: My issue was that “Quick Zoom” was checked under preferences. The update must have automatically done this. So all is good and hope this helps others.

It also disappears momentarily when click dragging in the arrange page

Same problem as well. Bounced Audio clips, waveform disappears. Works after re-open.