Cubase 8.5 automation, and static values?

Hey all,

So it feels like something has changed about automation with 8.5. I used to be able to hold shift and click an automation point to preserve its value but change its position (and I think ctrl did the same but vertically). Now I have to click first and then hold the modifier, which sometimes leads to me changing the value accidentally. Anyone else noticed this change in behaviour? I’m also ending up with automation points stacked on top of each other a lot, which never used to happen.

Also, I use Reason for a lot of my work and the automation in that is fantastic in that I can set all my synth parameters, automate all of them like crazy for just one section and then have them revert to their initial state/static values when there’s no automation present. I thought virgin territories would allow me to do this but apparently not. Anyone know how to achieve this? It’s a real pain having to manually reset every parameter I automate to its correct value.

As a side note I really wish it was possible to keep automation curves in part containers (again, like Reason) so they could be more easily transferred between tracks. But that’s just a feature request more than anything!