Cubase 8.5 Automation setting at start of track

How do I set the automation settings at the start of a track?

I’ve already recorded some data for automation later in the same track for the same automation.

Now I go back to the start and try to set the starting conditions for the automation, but it wont stick, whether I use latch or touch. Two problems:

a) it seems impossible to go to the start of a track and ‘print’ into the automation track the settings I want. It is set to the first data setting it finds later in the track, which is not what I want. Can I not enable write automation, set the plugin to the starting conditions and have that recorded in the automation track as a starting condition without faffing around?

b) later in the track if I add any automation in the middle, as soon as I let go of the control which is being recorded, it jumps to the next setting found later in the same track, which is useless. if I tweak a setting I want it to stick at the setting until it reaches the next data for the track, not to the next setting immediately…!

Can these things be done, or is Cubase really this stupid?

You can view the automation data for a track by right-clicking or control/left-click on the track and choosing “show used automation on selected track”. You can then drag volume automation points to where you want them for your track as well as throughout the project.

Yes I’m aware of that possibility, but how archaic and awkward is that.

Surely I can go to the Plugin itself and use the proper, nicely designed controls in the plugin to set these values rather than messing around with tiny dots on a line which mean next to nothing and a fraught with error possibilities??

I mean, SURELY they allow this obvious requirement??

I’ve been using Cubase for 12 years, and can’t believe I still have to muck about with dots on a grey line…?!

This needs sorting properly.

Depends exactly what you need to do but a possible solution would be to use the Fill Start function. This wont work if you need a complex automation curve but if you just need the parameter at a particular fixed value for let’s say the first 16 bars of the track, it will do the job.

RE: your problem b) -perhaps you should experiment with the Virgin Territories feature. That might do what you want.

Wasn’t aware of the Fill Start option. I’ll check that out. Thanks.

Virgin territories may help too. Ta.