Cubase 8.5 - Control Room - Headphone Amp - Cues

I’m truly perplexed on how to successfully send me and all of my bandmates separate mixes. I’ve watched all the videos I can find, read the manual regarding the control room 3 times over, read through forums, and I’m just not having any success. Any and all help would be appreciated greatly!!

Okay, so here’s what I’m working with.
-2 Firestudio Projects daisy-chained together (1 for drums, 1 for everything else)
-1 ART HeadAmp 6 Pro
-8 17inch TRS-TRS cables
-4 pairs of Sennheiser HD280 Headphones

In the past, while recording as a full band, I plugged a TRS cable from the Headphone Out of Firestudio 1 into the Direct In of the HeadAmp6 and just tweaked everything so everything was balanced enough so that we could all hear ourselves out of our respective pair of headphones.

Well, now everybody wants more of this, less of that, a click to the drummer only, etc etc, and I’m just not having any luck wiring/working it up properly.

I ran TRS-TRS cables from Firestudio all-purpose out out 1 and 2 to feed the HeadAmp’s main inputs. Seems to work fine.

The problems begin when I try setup Cue Sends in the Studio Tab on the VST Window. I tried to run TRS-TRS cables from general outputs into aux inputs for the HeadAmp. I make Cue 1 so General Output 3, goes to Aux 1 (Headphone Amp), which feeds channel 1 (Headphone Pair 1). There is a balance knob on the HeadAmp that controls basic L-R panning when nothing is plugged into the aux, but when something is it switches to Main (knob all the way to the Left) and Aux (Knob all the way to the right). Well, as you know, you can setup a mono or stereo Cue Send, and everyone obviously wants to monitor their performance in stereo. When I check the stereo option, Cubase makes me select 2 Outputs, but as I’m using a TRS-TRS cables (which transmits stereo signal?) I only need one output, but I need a stereo signal.

I’ve tried setting it up in a number of ways and adjusting the balance knob between Main and Aux, and I just have absolutely no success to show. Please help me. Thank you in advance

Your Presonus general outs are TRS balanced, it says on page 33 of the (2009) manual. That and the diagrams in the manual suggest to me that these are similar to XLR outs in carrying a mono signal, its phase inversion, and a ground. Therefore, you need to use 2 of them to get stereo.

There is only 1 Aux in per channel on the HeadAmp. Is there a cable that is a 2 TRS to 1 TRS? Like a Y style cable? And would that even work properly? I’m sorry, I’m just unfamiliar with the cable setup that I need and don’t want to waste money buying the wrong thing.

Other than that, does it seem I’m getting the gist of the Control Room?

Thanks for your response Colin, I’m really excited to get to the bottom of this!

As I understand it, you could do exactly that. Use 2 TS-TS cables coming from the audio interface, then a y-adapter that has 2 female TS in and one stereo TRS out. The inverted signal is on the ring, so it gets grounded out when it touches the sleeve. But the normal signal would be on the tip. Merging 2 mono signals into a stereo TRS works so long as you have the correct adapter. (Most Y-adapters for TRS are made to be used to split a stereo signal into 2 copies, not to merge 2 mono signals into one stereo. But the adapter you want does exist; I have one myself.)

This article may help:

There´s 2 x TS to 1 x TRS cables (also known as “insert cables” in anaolg times).

Awesome. Thanks Colin and svennilenni!

We’ve got the title “insert cable” in the description.Is this what I’m looking for gentleman?

Yes. That should do it.
Just for the records: to have it 1000% correct, you should use something like a Radial Pro Iso, but usually the insert cable will work.