Cubase 8.5 converting midi file to Sibelius

I use cubase to sequence ‘real’ sounding midi recordings of compositions using sample libraries which I then export to Sibelius to create a score for musicians to play. Due to the complexity of the music I write (contemporary classical), I absolutely dread the process of quantizing the notes into bars which usually end up still being a mess when it is imported to Sibelius. My question is, is there an easier way to do this? The problem I have is that while it can sound great being played back in Cubase, it is usually because all the notes are slightly skewed from typical beat patterns which can then be a nightmare trying to figure out exactly how to quantize and organize into bars so that it will produce the same effect when being played by live musicians.

Thanks for any feedback


Unfortunately, I don’t know any better option. I always have 2 versions of one project. One to listen to, and 2nd one ready to transit to Sibelius (so, quantized).

Also a process I cant stand, but also do it the same way. Very time consuming but currently there is no better way until either Cubase or Sibelius gets more advanced in dealing with (normally) early notes or figuring out rhythms based on other rhythms in a file or when your working with orchestral samples