Cubase 8.5 crash - Mac high Sierra

hello , can any body help me translate my cubase crash repot in order to understand what makes it crash

operating system:mac high Sierra
cubase version : 8.5

btw: I think the cause of it is halion sonic 3 , if so how do I uninstall it properly and than reinstall it again ?

tank you In advance :slight_smile:

cubase crash report.pdf (97.5 KB)

Hi and welcome on the forum,

The crash is in HALion Sonic:

Thread 45 Crashed:: Vst Realtime Thread 1

0. 0 com.steinberg.HALionSonic
1. 1 com.steinberg.HALionSonic
2. 2 com.steinberg.HALionSonic
3. 3 com.steinberg.HALionSonic
4. 4 com.steinberg.HALionSonic
5. 5 com.steinberg.HALionSonic
6. 6 com.steinberg.HALionSonic
7. 7 com.steinberg.HALionSonic
8. 8 com.steinberg.HALionSonic
9. 9 com.steinberg.HALionSonic

*(Unfortunately you sent PDF, which malformed the original .crash file, therefore it doesnโ€™t look properly, here.)

Please, make sure, HALion Sonic is up to date. As far as I can see, you are using HALion Sonic 3.2.20, update to the latest 3.4.20 by using Steinberg Download Assistant, please.