Cubase 8.5 crushes without a reason

Dear Steinberg team,
I have the following problem.
My Cubase 8.5 crashes after I’m trying to open a project that I just worked in and closed few min ago. The CPU, RAM, and HDD are far from overloading as working in about 10% capacity, since I got a very strong machine with Intel Core ™ i7-6800k CPU @ 3.40 GHz x 2, 64 GB RAM, Windows 10 as operating system.
So the problem comes after:

  1. Opening Cubase
  2. Opening project
  3. It tries to load the plugins and audio
  4. Crashes before loading a particular plugin part of my UAD Apollo DSP card. Where the Apollo has still a lot more capacity.
    It creates a .dmp file, which apparently no app recognizes in Windows 10. This has happened to me many times and I always find a way to solve it, removing some .dll files from the vst folders then stopping some plugings where the program crashes.
    In this case it crashes before opening a UAD EMT -250 reverb, just when it starts loading it.
    The system does not allow me to attach the .dmp file unfortunately.
    My machine is great and I just spent a tremendous amount of money so I can have no problems, cannot accept that I would have Cubase crashing on 10 % usage of CPU and RAM, also using DSP device as UAD. The same problem occurred on my old machine , which is far from this one as parameters.
    Kindly advise what can cause this issue.

I recommend you view the following 3rd party video as it covers topics relevant to your post:

It has been beneficial to the users I have shared it with.