Cubase 8.5 - El Capitan compatibility?


a simple question: is Cubase 8.5 compatible with Mac OS EL Capitan? I read there were a couple of issues, but missed an official update on the compatibility.

Thank you



Yes, it is.


Although some users are currently experiencing problems regarding the USB-eLicenser, that doesn’t seem to be working correctly on some El Capitan installations.

We’re still investigating these issues.

Thanks Dirk, I’ll keep my eye open for any developments from Steinberg.

Hey Dirk, is there anything yet to report on this issue?

Cubase 8.5 is not compatible with El capitan and I do not recommend to anyone. I have posted issues I found and tell you that CPU was being consumed by up to 300% and computer performance slowing.

Here is a tip . . . when opening cubase 8.5 on windows 10 CPU consumption is around 0.5%. When opening same application on mac CPU consumption is around 50%. How about that? Does it sound ok?


What about CPU Usage on he same Computer with Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemitte? Tocompare 10.10 vs 10.11, to be able to say, it’s not 10.11 compatible.

Are you sure the tools for measurement on Windows and Mac are exactly the same and display really the same data?

This is nonsense. I see none of that. Cubase 8.5 working well on 10.11.3.

Does not happen here. Something is wrong with your system.

Unfortunately did not try that because could not have access to Yosemite 10.10 official mac installation (afraid of trying non official torrents and magnets).

Unfortunately I am just looking at the percentages from both from task manager and activity monitor. I am not able to tell what resources are used to reach CPU performance on mac in comparison to windows.

What I can say is that windows 10 handles far better than El capitan 10.11.3. Hope this get sorted as soon as possible because I am dying slowly due to this.


I prefer to believe that something is wrong with my system. Please give me possible hints for what I did wrong so I may correct because this is getting me crazy. Here are things I did and used to get there:
Downloaded the file from mysteinberg account;
Installed on El capitan after upgrade from Yosemite;
Tested some demo songs them booooommm . . . not working properly.

Just few days ago I did clean installation of EL Capitan (download from app store) just to see if the problem would go away. But nothing . . . boom again . . . crazy readings.

I did run hardware test and there was no error found on the laptop.

I just do not know what to do anymore . . .

Thanks and regards

Hello Niozik, unfortunately I have no idea what could be wrong.
All I can say is that Cubase 8.5 is working ok here on El Capitan.

I hope you can solve your problems.

It doesn’t have to be nonsense. Look around for reports of heavy cpu usage sluggish graphics - same issue is haunting Wavelab where simply moving the mouse around the screen with nothin playing causes the CPU to jump from nothing to 50 %. Same thing is happening in Cubase Pro 8.5 / El Capitan. It’s well documented - I even made a movie about it. Tried to post it in the issues forum but it wasn’t approved with the reason “we are aware of the issue no need to keep posting about it”

Like I said, this does not happen here.
Maybe there can be problems on some systems, but you cannot just say " Cubase 8.5 is incompatible with El Capitan".
It certainly is compatible here.

true - Cubase in itself runs fine here too but try this:

Open a clean session, open activity viewer. With nothing happening - what’s the CPU reading?

Now - move the cursor back / forth and move the mouse around the screen. Now what’s the reading?

Surely you’ll agree that something needs fixing or?

Just scrolling the cursor here makes it hit 20 % CPU in an empty session. Note: it is WAY worse in WL though it’ll hit 40-50 or even more just by moving the mouse

Hi Lasso do you also get the fans spinning after the noticing the overload on CPU?

Sorry guys i need help otherwise i am going to dump my Cubase because this is becoming rediculous for me:

Yesterday i went to an istore (after driving 200km and crossing border)and finally got a copy of yosemite 10.10.5. I come back home and clean installed on my MBP 15 mid July.

I have then installed cubase pro 8.5. I just opened empty session and the CPU was above 50%. Noticed that there was a new update 8.5.10 and gave a try in desparate move (even after reading history for that update and noticing no relation with my problem) and nothing changes reading are exploding and empty session with just moving mouse can drive the CPU to as high as 80% without pressing play. So my question is: is there a solution for this or i have to get rid of Cubase and suffer with something i dont know?

Please assist

It is really sad to know that after many years supporting this brand Cubase I get to this point of doubting the software. I decided to move to mac assuming Cubase would be there for me but it is just turning into a headache and putting my projects on hold because my xomputer becomes useless . . . It is true that these minor things are driving my credibility on this software away even though made me stand for it for so long (5 years using it) . . .

One common cause of problems are plug-ins. Try moving all non-Steinberg plug-ins out of the VST plug-ins folder.

What audio interface are you using? Switch to internal, just for the purpose of testing.

The last resort is to wipe the hard-drive and make a clean install. (It’s a good idea to clone the drive first.) If it works, don’t just install your other stuff. Retry Cubase after the installation of each individual item.

Steinberg can’t be held responsible for every other peace of software you’ve got installed.