Cubase 8.5 eLicenser question

Will the eLicenser software still be available to download after the service ends?
Or will it be down to users to keep it backed up?

I still use Cubase 8.5 for some older no longer supported plug ins. Will this be migrated over to the Steinberg Licensing system?


I believe, the eLicenser software will be available in the products archive. But you can keep the latest installer at your system.

I think Steinberg will tell us before the server shutdown. Maybe they will keep the last elicenser installer available for download, but I will keep an installer for myself. (to reinstall after an OS reformat)

Thanks Martin. Have to keep this in mind if Windows goes down. I’ve never forgotten the nightmare I went through when Native Instruments decide to pull their old activation server and a number of older plugins such as Pro-53 couldn’t be activated on Native Access (don’t go there at the moment!)


The USB-eLicenser doesn’t talk to any server at all.

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